Genetic Algorithms and Other Optimization Algorithms Used by Tools in Embedded Systems Design

1. PISA: A Platform and Programming Language Independent Interface for Search Algorithms
2014, ETH Zurich
PISA consists of two parts:
–PISA is a text-based interface for search algorithms.
–PISA is a library of ready-to-go modules, namely optimization problems (test and benchmark problems), selection modules (evolutionary multi-objective optimizers) and modules for performance assessment.

2. GAlib: a C++ library of genetic algorithm components
2014, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
GAlib contains a set of C++ genetic algorithm objects. The library includes tools for using genetic algorithms to do optimization in any C++ program using any representation and genetic operators.
Used by Madness project?

3. Multi-objective NSGA-II code in C
2005-2011, KanGAL, Michigan State University
A Fast and Elitist multi-objective Genetic Algorithm. Implemented in C.


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